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Rug Cleaning

Owning a rug boosts your pride and interiors alike, but rug cleaning becomes a matter of concern after a few months. Keeping the rugs clean and hygienic becomes more important if you have pets or children at home.

To assist you with your rug maintenance, the Royal Oriental Rug offers amazing rug cleaning services at competitive prices. In addition to that, they also offer treatme...


The more vintage the rug, the higher its value. This is because older rugs were created by hand and through an intensive handcrafted practice using fine and natural materials. Extraordinary rugs, carpets, and runners have always been associated with wealth and beauty, which can explain why these items have such a high resale value.

Whether you require a formal oriental rug apprai...

Rug Repair & Restoration

Summers are the times for celebrations and get-togethers. Although it fills you with sheer delight to see kids running and pets jumping on your rug, the rugs rarely can stand such wear and tear.

If you are looking for assistance in rug repairs, then seeking a professional cleaner can save you plenty of time, money, and energy. Only professionals know how to fix a hole, a spill or a mould colony.


Treatment & Maintenance

Regular treatment and maintenance of your rug can make it last longer than it can. At Royal Oriental Rugs, we have the knowledge and the equipment to provide your rugs with the gentle care that they deserve. Please feel free to contact Royal Oriental Rugs at any time to schedule maintenance for your beloved rug. Making sure your rugs are cared for can reduce damage.

Rug cleaning ...


Visit our beautiful showroom and browse through one of the largest inventories of fine rugs in all of Tampa! We have over 6,000 rugs in stock. Sourced from some of the biggest names in rug manufacturing, our rugs are handpicked by our experts. When you purchase a rug from Royal Oriental Rugs, you can rest assured that you are buying an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting product.

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Carpet Cleaning Tampa, FL

An alluring rug is a welcome expansion to any home or office Tampa, FL. Not exclusively is it eye-getting, with the potential for bunches of examples and shadings, it is likewise utilitarian. It gives a glow and non-abrasiveness to your stylistic layout that you can’t coordinate with wooden or tile floors.

Floor covering carries a calmer climate to your home or business, me...

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